Architecture- and design companies in Aarhus

Unique concentration of architectural and design companies

Aarhus is home to a number of architectural and design companies that excel on the international scene. Thus, in 2010 and 2011, Aarhus-based architects submitted winning proposals for major international projects such as the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, and the Kristianssund Opera and Culture Centre in Norway.

Furthermore, the renowned firm of architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen won the prestigious RIBA Award in 2011 for their City of Westminister College project in London, while the agency Made by Makers and Arla Foods were awarded one of the the world’s leading design awards, the IF Design Award, for their interactive ’Communication Design’ for dairy visits.



  1. Aarhus is home to 330 registered architectural firms and 492 registered companies working within graphic, interior, industrial, product and communication design etc.
  2. Aarhus is the home town of two of the world’s largest architectural firms and three of the largest in Scandinavia
  3. Aarhus-based design firms are making a particular name for themselves within the fields of interior design and product design.

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Architecture and design in Business Region Aarhus

Many of the architect- and design companies in Business Region Aarhus have an international renown

The architecture in Aarhus is diverse. Take a tour through the city and you will find buildings and facades to admire as well as the exciting architecture which characterises Aarhus.