Student life in vibrant Aarhus

Study in Aarhus

Student life in vibrant Aarhus

Aarhus has lots of activities, lots of fun, adventure, and romantic experiences to offer its student population. Take your friends, your sweetheart, or your family by the arm, and go exploring the vast array of fascinating experiences which your student city Aarhus has to offer.

The educational institutes in Aarhus attract an ever increasing number of young people every year due to the wide range of courses on offer. Aarhus has the highest concentration of students in Denmark and boasts a vibrant student environment in the city because most of the educational institutes are situated in or around the city centre. This is what makes Aarhus a highly dynamic city with an ever-driving pulse beat.

Den Gamle By - The Old Town Museum

This iconic museum and top attraction is always worth a visit. In Den Gamle By you can experience history for yourself, take in the traditions, and absorb that wonderfully unique ambience. The Old Town is like going on a very special journey in time where you can go back and visit the history of the parents and grandparents of the Dane of today.
Top attractions in Aarhus

At ARoS you can immerse yourself in world-class works of art. Be sure also to pay a visit to Olafur Eliasson's unique work of art to marvel at the fabulous views of the city looking through the bright-coloured glass of the Your rainbow panorama.
Your rainbow panorama

Enjoy you student life in Aarhus

You have a lot of posibilities to enjoy your stydy life in Aarhus - just go visiting the city’s attractions, its green oases, flea markets, gastronomic delights on a budget, the cafees and coffee bars and much more, all relevant to you as a student in Aarhus. 

Events and Fun

Student life in Aarhus is full of festive activities. Both major events, such as the Kapsejladsen boat race 'Contest for the Golden Bedpan' and Denmark's Largest Friday Bar and Sports Day – both in the University Park – and the smaller events at the various educational institutes and faculties makes student life lots of fun. Many of the institutes have Student Revues, grand start-of-term festivals and, of course, Friday afternoon bars.

The Kapsejladsen boat race

With a crowd of some 15,000, the Kapsejladsen is THE biggest social event at Aarhus University – though basically it's "only" a beer relay race in rubber dinghies. The rules are pretty simple. Five members from each of the 12 specially selected festival organizations compete, one at a time, to become the fastest team to row across the University Lake, empty a bottle of beer, run around the bottle ten times, row back across the lake and hand on the baton to the next in line.

Every year, at the start of the academic year, the Student Council at Aarhus University and Aarhus University Sports (AUS) organise Denmark's Largest Friday Bar and Sports Day. It is a gigantic day of sports and celebrations for the students at Aarhus University and other institutions of higher education in Aarhus. This event always takes place on the second Friday of September when the university park will be filled with thousands of students celebrating.

About Aarhus

Go and discover the city’s various quarters, reading areas, sports and exercise and admission-free things to do and see in Aarhus. You will here also find out how to get around in Aarhus – all information which helps you get to know your student city and which makes you feel immediately at home.

Aarhus Municipality

There are many different higher education courses in Aarhus. The largest educational institute is Aarhus University which has more than 40,000 students and offers a large number of different courses.
Get to know more about opportunities when you are a student in the municipality of Aarhus.
Studying in Aarhus 

We welcome you in Aarhus and hope you will enjoy beeing a tourist in your student city Aarhus.

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