New Michelin Record For Aarhus

New Michelin Record For Aarhus

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Today, one of Aarhus’ top restaurants, Domestic, has been awarded one star in the Michelin Guide, which sprinkles a total of four stars on the city. This is a Michelin record for Aarhus.

Again this year, Aarhus surpasses itself in the world’s most highly acknowledged restaurant guide, Guide Michelin, which for the first time ever awards the city all of four sparkling stars. Today’s release of the 2017 edition of the guide not only confirmed the Michelin stars held by the Aarhus restaurants Frederikshøj, Gastromé and Substans, in addition it places a new star on the shoulder of a top restaurant in the city, Domestic.

Thanks to the additional star, Aarhus can now call itself a four-star Michelin city, and according to Jacob Bundsgaard, Mayor to Aarhus, this star-studded seal of approval has an enormous impact on the city’s brand – particularly in 2017, when Aarhus is European Capital of Culture.

”First of all I want to congratulate the four restaurants on the impressive and well-deserved recognition of their dedicated efforts – not least Domestic on bringing yet another star to Aarhus. This new star proves without any doubt that Aarhus is the home of outstanding restaurants, many of which do not even have a star – yet. I am extremely happy for the people behind the restaurants, but also for the value of this great recognition for the city. The Michelin stars support the already extremely positive story about Aarhus and put invaluable focus on the city, nationally as well as internationally. This is an amazing and impressive celebration of the European Capital of Culture,” Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard says.    

In 2015, Aarhus appeared for the first time in the star-studded food bible with Michelin stars being awarded to Frederikshøj, Gastromé and Substans. All three restaurants have succeeded in keeping their stars and have played a huge role in the vast international attention on Aarhus as the perfect destination for cruise, culture and big city tourists.

”The gastronomic standards in Aarhus have reached historic heights, and we are extremely excited that the Michelin Guide has underlined the recognition of Aarhus as an absolute gastronomic quality-destination by awarding Domestic a well-deserved star. The stars light up beautifully in our international marketing efforts, in which they convey a trustworthy story of small city Aarhus offering world-class gastronomic experiences,” Peer H. Kristensen, CEO of VisitAarhus, says.  

When the first stars were sprinkled over the city in 2015, Aarhus experienced a 17 percent increase in the total number of nights tourists stayed in the city’s hotels. That same year, Aarhus was an impressive number 5 on the list of which of Europe’s 100 largest tourist cities experienced the most growth.

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Peer Heldgaard Kristensen, CEO of VisitAarhus at +45 8731 5010 or at

For press photos, texts or other queries please contact Tina Baungaard-Jensen at VisitAarhus’ communication agency, EHRENBERG Kommunikation, at +45 4128 1001 or

Om VisitAarhus

VisitAarhus is Aarhus’ official tourism organisation, which works to develop the city’s tourism and market Aarhus as a holiday and travel destination. VisitAarhus is a commercial foundation with the mission of contributing to tourism creating results for Aarhus, for the region and Denmark as a whole by positioning and developing Aarhus as an impassioned city of knowledge and great attractions with a wide range of high-quality offers for its citizens, businesses and visitors. Tourism in Aarhus has experienced an impressive growth over the past years.

Today, visitors coming for business stay more than 1 million nights in the city’s hotels annually, which is a 41 percent increase from 2011 to 2015. Tourists spend approximately 3.65 billion Danish kroner on accommodation and attractions in Aarhus each year, of which about 2 billion kroner come from commercial tourists.


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Caption: The brand new Guide Michelin Nordic Cities 2017 awards Aarhus yet another Michelin star and leaves no shred of doubt that the city is the home of international top-level gastronomy.