Local Ways to Global Art

Local Ways to Global Art

From the harbour to a unique museum for international glass art…

Stories about what a small number of locals with the right inclination and focus can accomplish are presented for you at the harbour in Ebeltoft. Here, glass artist Finn Lynggard and managing director Erling Rasmussen of Kvadrat, a leading manufacturer of design textiles, worked together closely in the 1980s to bring into being an international museum for modern glass art. Today the Glass Museum in Ebeltoft is recognised globally, and is the only museum of its kind. 

Glasmuseet Ebeltoft

From the City Hall loft to under the rainbow…

The ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum art museum, which was established by local residents and the driving force of visionary patrons of the arts, started out humbly as a museum in the loft of the City Hall. Today it is one of Europe's leading art museums, with a major extension planned.

Asger Jorn, the rebel

Great art visions are also to be found in Silkeborg, where Denmark’s most prominent international artist Asger Jorn, based on his unique art collection, was the principal force behind the founding of Museum Jorn. Today the museum is home to Denmark's second largest art collection featuring some of Europe's most prominent artists.

A playground for art at shirt factory

Further the west in Jutland, in Herning, shirtmaker Aage Damgaard set a new agenda for the town's art community by inviting artists to come and work at his factory, thus creating the core of the art collection at the HEART Museum of Contemporary Art. Today the museum holds the world’s largest collection of works by Italian concept artist Piero Manzoni, and the location of the museum in an award-winning architectural setting was created by Steven Holl.

HEART Museum

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