Enjoy a girls' trip in Aarhus

When it's time for relaxation, chatting, good food, atmospheric shopping, and self-indulgence.

Here are some places in Aarhus we would like to recommend to you:

Shopping centres in Aarhus

* The Salling and Magasin Department Stores - Everything under one roof

Situated in the heart of the pedestrianised high street 'Strøget' is the city's oldest department store Salling offering a fascinating range of articles for the entire family. Fashion, design, and quality take first priority in all 35 specialty departments.

And, of course, there is the large delicatessen with specialties from all over the world, including home-made products, cheeses, a butcher's department, a wine department, chocolates, on-site bakery, and much more.

Close to the 'Latin Quarter' you will find the Magasin department store which is a Mecca for lovers of shopping. Here they offer state-of-the-art shopping and carry both Danish and international brands. If you are looking for new inspiration, Magasin is a must-visit.

Enjoy shopping in Aarhus

* The Latin Quarter - the oldest quarter of Aarhus

In this quarter you will find all the designers and brands you could dream off. Fx. you will find high-end luxury brands in Collage The Shop, exclusive Danish design, fashion and furniture store in Paustian Aarhus, unique jewelry in Danish design at AMOKsmykker and Karen Norup Smykker and also Danish crafts at Hornvarefabrikken

If you are looking for first-class retail-therapy, you will delight in this seriously impressive string of fashion shops, each with their uniquely distinctive features and special articles on the shelves. Anything from awesome party costumes to second-hand retro. It is perfectly possible that you will experience more than a flash of excitement.

shopping in the Side-streets quarter

* The Side-streets quarter

The very latest feature in Aarhus is the side-streets quarter between the parallel streets of Åboulevarden and Nørre Alle, tucked between the street of Guldsmedegade and the Vesterbro Torv square. Here, commercial rents are still reasonable, and new entrepreneurs and designers have set up shop in backyards and garage buildings. They design fashion collections, bags, and lots more..

* Vestergade street – private galleries, second-hand shops, fashion wear and cafés

Vestergade is the high street in the city's newly emerged shopping precinct 'Sidegaderne' ('the Side streets') and it is as vibrant as ever. In addition to its many shops and cafés, Vestergade also houses the Lynfabrikken where a large number of designers and entrepreneurs work side-by-side. At the top of the building there is an enchanting café. And Vestergade is home to a long list of eating places.

Frederiksbjerg shopping precinct

* Frederiksbjerg shopping precinct

When visiting Aarhus you owe it to yourself to pay a visit to the Frederiksbjerg quarter which covers the streets of M.P. Bruunsgade, Jægergårdsgade, and Frederiks Allé. This quarter of the city is young and trend-setting. It is an area undergoing rapid development with new businesses popping up all the time. Locally the area has been called ‘the larder of Aarhus’ – and justifiably so.

The fruit, flower and vegetable market in Ingerslevs Boulevard

* The fruit, flower and vegetable market in Ingerslevs Boulevard

The large outdoor vegetable market is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from early morning around 7 am till mid-afternoon at approx. 3 pm. There is a wide range of organic produce from all over East Jutland. In addition to the large selection of fruit, vegetables and flowers there are stalls selling anything from exciting cheeses to fresh fish.

Psst….. Torvet, Ingerslevs Boulevard, Aarhus

Bazar Vest

* Bazar Vest - The Middle East centre in Aarhus

This warehouse-like building is quite nondescript on the outside, but inside it is abuzz with life. Pointed shoes, falafels, kebabs, gala dresses, halal meat, and a large fruit and vegetable market are intermingled with Arab bakers and Turkish tea houses. You can get a haircut, new soles for your shoes, and a Middle East meal at one of the many restaurants.

Psst….. Bazar Vest, Edwin Rahrs Vej 32, Brabrand

Strøget, Aarhus's pedestrianised high street

* Strøget, Aarhus's pedestrianised high street - For those who want it all!

Strøget is where you will also find the Danish jewellery design shop Georg Jensen and right next door Georg Jensen Damask offering unique textiles. Buy a tablecloth inspired by Arne Jacobsen's universe of design, or a Hans Christian Andersen tablecloth.

Having explored the precincts in Aarhus and all their tempting offers, taking a break, seated in peace and quiet, may be just the ticket. Here are a couple of guides to more things to do and see in Aarhus.

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