Easter, Spring and Romance is in the Air in Aarhus ...

Nature as well as love blossoms in the spring – in Aarhus as well.

The entire city oozes with a cosy atmosphere, romance and spring, which sets the perfect scene for a wonderful spring getaway with that special someone of yours.

Go for a hike in the breathtaking scenery in and around Aarhus and enjoy the sight of tender buds and shoots in the bright green forests.

Let the tranquility and calm sound ...
of the waves sooth you on a walk along the lovely beaches, and then treat yourselves to an indulging experience when walking through the old and beautiful parts of the cosy metropolis  crammed with a vibrant atmosphere, pulse and rich activity.

Go Explore Together ...

Your rainbow panorama on the top of ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

Over the past few years, the museums in Aarhus have experienced very well-deserved success. Not least the Your rainbow panorama on top of the ARoS art museum has helped put Aarhus on the map, nationally as well as internationally.

New and old ...
Today, you also have the chance to experience an authentic scene of old meets new when you go to the 70’s part of The Old Town; a truly unique museum experience.

Not to mention Moesgaard Museum, where the past comes to life ― an absolute must during your visit in Aarhus. And then of course all the other museums, exhibitions, experiences and activities which make Aarhus well worth the trip.

At the cosy theme park Tivoli Friheden you will find roller coasters, rides, stalls and plenty of entertainment with theater and concerts.

See what goes on during Spring in Aarhus

Nature Awakens and Invites you to Come for a Hike or a Run

Beautiful nature in and around Aarhus

As the growing daylight prolongs the day during spring, the beautiful scenery in and around Aarhus invites you to come out and enjoy everything it has to offer.

The parks in the heart of the city are filled with bright green colours, while daffodils and thousands of crocuses bring an air of life and optimism to the spring season.

And much more nature ...
Are you and your special someone looking for tranquility and a space for just the two of you, miles of wonderful beaches and lovely forest paths are waiting for you.

With a long coastline and forests just North and South of the city centre, nature is never far. And are you up for a nice run, numerous forests and parks give you ample opportunity to get out your running shoes.

Restaurants, Cafés, Shops and Unique Atmospheres around the City

Gastronomic delights in Aarhus, Photo Restaurant Frederikshøj

A wonderful dinner for two – a romantic, cosy atmosphere and the savour of a gourmet experience? The gastronomical standards in Aarhus are high, and this year, all of three restaurants have been awarded a star in Guide Michelin, and a total of 16 restaurants in Aarhus received mention in the prestigious guide.

But around spring, the many cafés in town with outdoor serving are a characteristic sight, particularly along the canal, where there is a vibrant atmosphere.

Take a break over a nice glass of wine ...
or a great cup of coffee and feel the city around you. Or you might want to retreat to the charming and unique Latin Quarter, which to many represents the true Aarhus atmosphere.

The hours race by in this part of the city, and you may very well find that a comfy couch in a quiet café suddenly turns out to be one of your favourite memories from a fantastic spring getaway.

Aarhus in the Evening  Night Life and Cosy Moments

Whats on in Aarhus

When the daylight softens and the night falls on Aarhus, the music and the city’s many performance venues come to life.

And when the evening comes ...
Music performances and a wide repertoire of theatre plays make Aarhus stand out from most other Danish cities, and it is up to you whether you go for the big shows and international stars in Concert Hall Aarhus or in the city’s nightclubs, bars and pubs, or whether you would rather explore the small venues and find your personal favourites.

The possibilities are endless, and you just have to dive into what the city has to offer.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Sov godt i Aarhus

Book the accommodation that suits your exact wishes in advance. In Aarhus, you will find little, romantic hotels with cosy rooms that are just perfect for two.

But here, you can also find that same experience in many of the large hotels  a surprise to many visitors, but this is possible in Aarhus.

The best place to sleep ...
Large hotels that are part of Danish and international chains take pride in providing personal service and go to extreme lengths to give you ”that little extra something”, which makes your stay one to remember.

A Spring getaway to Aarhus might not be your longest vacation this year, but it is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy Aarhus in the beautiful spring time together with that special someone.

See what goes on during Spring in Aarhus

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Romance and Spring in Aarhus