Easter Activities for the Entire Family in Aarhus

Easter Activities for the Entire Family

Bring your family to Aarhus for Easter and indulge in everything you have been missing all winter long. Something is in the air – the days have gotten longer and the rays of the sun feels warmer. It is time to go out and enjoy life and venture into great and fun experiences together. You will find no better time for this than Easter.

Big and Small Easter Activities

The museums are aware that Easter is a time for families to get together, and therefore they have put together a wide selection of exhibitions and activities that offer a fun and exciting experience for the entire family.

Enjoy Easter in Aarhus

Visit the cosy theme park Tivoli Friheden and try the roller coasters, rides, stalls, games and playgrounds. In the city’s many museums, you will find exhibitions that involve the visitors, while they communicate and display exciting stories. For instance you can visit Kunsthal Aarhus, where you can see innovative art, you can pop into the Natural History Museum Aarhus and 'guess an egg' – or come see the amazing view of the city through Your rainbow panorama on the roof top of the ARoS art museum. Do you want to feel the warm embrace of times past, when it was all about the collective ideology, freedom and nuclear families, you do not want to miss the 70’ies part of The Old Town.

Activities and Nature Right in your Backyard ...

Enjoy the activities and nature in Aarhus

Easter in Aarhus is also the perfect time for exploring the great outdoors in and around the city. Even though Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark, you will find the open urban space, forests and beaches, lakes and parks just outside your door. Go explore the city or visit the forests that are bursting into leaves and windflowers this time of year. This is the time and place to bring your family out under the open skies to enjoy a picnic, the urban space and each other – with ample of room to run, play, have fun and be active together.

Absorb the Atmosphere

Aarhus for families

When you are in the heart of Aarhus, you cannot miss the cosy feel and the sense of spring, and at the small tables outside the many cafés you will meet locals as well as guests visiting the city. Find your own favourite spot and enjoy a couple of nice, relaxing hours with your family and a delicious cup of hot coffee, chocolate, a soft drink or a nice, cold beer. This is not about finishing up and getting on with your usual and busy daily lives. This is all about enjoying this spectacular time of year, Easter and each other. 

Great tips about the city’s restaurants and cafés

A Wonderful Place to Spend the Night

You may find it hard to fit everything you want to experience in Aarhus into just a single day. Among the city’s many inviting possibilities, you are sure to find accommodation that suits your exact wishes, and after a good night’s sleep you will be refreshed to set out on new adventures in Aarhus together.

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AarhusCARD – discover more

AarhusCARD: discover more

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Open hours during Easter

Enjoy the many exciting museums and attractions in Aarhus and many of them are open during Easter. Visit Den Gamle By - The Old Town Museum, ARoS, Tivoli Friheden, Moesgaard Museum or many of the other attractions in Aarhus.

In Aarhus you can also eat out during Easter. Most of the restraurants are open but the shops are only open on Saturday April 20th.

Shops are closed on

Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Easter Monday

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