Aarhus, second city in Denmark

Aarhus - a Modern City

A vibrant mix of youthful energy and a blast from the past makes Aarhus a city with an energetic beat of the pulse. In Aarhus, when we say walking distance, we really do mean walking distance. 

The art museum, ARoS, delivers groundbreaking works from some of the world’s most progressive artists. Den Gamle By – The Old Town Museum is a unique international attraction and Moesgaard Museum will give visitors a world class museum experience.

AarhusCARD – discover more

AarhusCARD: discover more

With an AarhusCARD you get free admission to more than 25 museums, attractions and activities in and around Aarhus.

Winter break in Aarhus

Winter break in Aarhus

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Enjoy your summer holiday in Aarhus

Summer holidays in Aarhus

Spend a great summer vacation in Aarhus, where you can enjoy the countless activities and experiences the city has to offer all summer long – for you and your family, you and your loved one, or perhaps you and your friends.

Have a citybreak in Aarhus second city in Denmark!

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Films and TV series in Aarhus

Dicte's Aarhus

'Dicte' is a crime drama series, taking place in Aarhus, featuring Iben Hjejle as the main character. This TV series has been a huge success in Denmark and Sweden, and it is expected to be sold to several other countries. The TV series is based on Elsebeth Egholm's, to date, six novels about Dicte. Here you can visit Dicte's Aarhus and find inspiration for new and exciting things to do and see in Aarhus.