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Julehygge og juleshopping med kæresten i Aarhus

Christmas shopping and cosiness

Photo: Photopop, VisitAarhus

The Christmassy feeling is everywhere and at the same time you can enjoy the many big-city offerings available. In Aarhus, second city in Denmark, you will find the time to do all the things that you, and your loved one, cherish.

Shopping and strolling in the centre of Aarhus

A stroll through the charming city quarters in Aarhus at Christmas time is always an atmosphere-filled experience. The Christmas lights and the elegant Christmas decorations are bound to get you into the Christmas spirit while you go exploring all the many excellent things to do and see on offer in Aarhus.

The Pedenstrianised High Street

Go for a stroll down the pedestrianised high street beneath the gloriously sparkling starry sky, and from there on to the 'Latin Quarter', or along the illuminated, vibrant Aarhus river banks. Here, there are excellent opportunities for you to enjoy a city which is abuzz with life during the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Christmas markets

At the many Christmas markets in Aarhus you can find delightful Christmas decorations of all sorts, and can enjoy a glass of hot Christmas mulled wine and traditional Danish doughnuts with sugar and jam.

Cykel og jul i Latinerkvarteret, Aarhus

Photo:Photopop, VisitAarhus

Christmas shopping in Vestergade, Aarhus

Photo:Photopop, VisitAarhus

Christmas food and delicacies

When twilight falls, and the last sun’s rays disappear behind the roofs of the city, all the many charming cafes and busy restaurants in Aarhus provide an excellent refuge for seekers of warmth and comfort.

In a cosy and friendly atmosphere you can treat your taste buds to delightful experiences, taking your time to enjoy a wonderful meal …and each other. 

Photo:Raisfoto, Langhoff & Juul

Christmas food at Langhoff & Juul, Aarhus

Photo:Raisfoto, Langhoff & Juul

Find the perfect place to sleep in Aarhus

Christmas is all around in Aarhus and you'll also feel the Christmas atmosphere at the Christmas decorated hotels. Have more time with each other and book a stay in Aarhus.

From the moment you check in at your hotel in Aarhus, everything is prepared for you to start your Christmas break. Indulgence is naturally included in a hotel break in Aarhus, where a charming and intimate atmosphere provides peace and relaxation.

Photo:Comwell Aarhus

Photo:City Hotel Oasia Aarhus

You can read about Christmas opening hours here and you can see an overview of the hotel, restaurant and attraction opening hours here.

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