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The river Gudenå - Denmark's longest river - extends through a very wide river with an experience-rich landscape.

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The river Gudenå is with its approx. 158 km Denmark's longest river and s also called Denmark's only river because the particular fauna found by the river.

The river Gudenå runs through Tange Lake, Denmark's largest artificially created lake which was created about 100 years ago by the river's embankment. At the same time a large water power station, the Tange Works was still being built.

In connection with the Tange Works you will find the Energy Museum, an exciting mix of museum and science center. At the museum you can experience the great world of energy of lightning and high voltage, wind power and solar energy. When the weather is fine, you can book a picnic basket and enjoy the scenery by bike, on foot or by canoe.

The river Gudenå is known as one of the best salmon waters in Europe. Take your friend on a fishing trip - there is plenty of opportunity for the big catch.

Also visit the town of Bjerringbro, an active trading town that originated around Bjerring Mill in 1838. In Bjerringbro you can visit Gudenådalens Museum.


Take on a bike ride to Hjermind Forest and Gudenådalen. On this cycle tour (25 km) you follow the river Gudenå and the unique landscape of the valley. You will pass amazing points where the view of the Gudenå Valley can be enjoyed in peace and quiet. There is also opportunity to feel the wings of history at Kjælinghøl Historical Center or when you follow the old "Pramdrager path".


For anglers - due to the power of its water volume and depth - the Gudenå River is an challenging angling water and has a very attractive salmon fishery. In Gudenåen you can catch brook trout, sea trout, salmon, eel, pike, sand species and skull.


The trek path is a nature-tramp path that follows the Gudenåen from Silkeborg to Randers - a total of approx. 70 km. You can experience unique nature in a varied and sometimes difficult to access landscape.


A canoe trip on the Gudenå is both a scenic and challenging experience. The river Gudenå is Denmark's longest river. It originates in Tinnet Krat by Tørring and runs into Randers Fjord. The river is widely used during the summer by canoeists who go on a trip of one or more days duration. Sailing allowed around the clock and throughout the year.

See an interactive map of Gudenåen.

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Hagenstrupvej 28

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