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Experience the unique and amazing atmosphere of Restaurant LAVA without needing to carry a wad of cashj. At Restaurant LAVA in Aarhus they focus on building a pleasant, cozy atmosphere, where you can experience quality for a reasonable price.

Åboulevarden 22

8000 Aarhus C

Cozy atmosphere and relaxation in the high seat

With its location just a stone's throw from St. Clemens Bro and its vibrant urban life, Restaurant LAVA is an atmospheric oasis located at the Åboulevarden in Aarhus. Restaurant LAVA is relaxing and comfortable.

The restaurant is decorated in an authentic French style with a cozy dining area and a welcoming bar where you can enjoy a drink before dinner. There is also the possibility to book banqueting rooms or the whole restaurant for festive occasions. Finding parking for a restaurant has never been easier as Dokk1 is just a stone's throw from Restaurant LAVA.

If you want to be sure to get a seat, it is a good idea to book a table either over the  telephone or through online booking.

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Åboulevarden 22

8000 Aarhus C

Opening hours

02 Jan 20 / 31 Dec 20


09:00 - 22:00


09:00 - 01:00


09:00 - 03:00


10:00 - 03:00


10:00 - 22:00

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