Badeanstalten Spanien

Photo: Aarhus Kommunes Idtrætscentre
Aqua domes
Badeanstalten Spanien is a swimming pool near the station and a 10 minutes walk from the pedestrianised high street "Strøget". Aarhus has four public swimming pools which city residents and visitors can use. Badeanstalten Spanien is one of these four - and also the oldest but has been renovated over time.

Spanien 1

8000 Aarhus C

In Badeanstalten Spanien you have access to a training pool, children’s pool, hot water baby pool, cold-water showers and a whirlpool bath. Additionally, you can nourish your body and soul in the wellness bath, Grossererbadet, on the 3rd floor.

Many different water experiences

At the swimming pool you will find a cold water pool with a temperature of only 7 degrees, a pool for the senses with sound and light installation, a mega shower, steam baths, a “quiet rain” shower, sauna, showers and sun terrace.

Other facilities

In Badeanstalten Spanien you can also enjoy a visit to the masseur, reflexologist or beautician, or go to the gym or the café.

Free entrance with the AarhusCARD

You get free entrance to the Badeanstalten Spanien with the AarhusCARD. Notice that the card does not include entry to Grossererbadet.

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Spanien 1

8000 Aarhus C


Children (entrance)

30 DKK

Adults (entrance)

50 DKK

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