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City Bikes – an alternative method of transportation in Aarhus. The idea behind the free city bike arrangement in Aarhus is to establish an alternative method of transportation for the city’s citizens and the many tourists who visit Aarhus every year. For the benefit of the users, the city, and the environment. 


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Using the city bikes represents non-polluting traffic and healthy daily exercise and, thus; contributes to an attractive environment for the city and helps profile Aarhus as a green and young metropolis.  

Grab a free city bike if you

… are in a hurry
… missed the last bus
… need the exercise
… want to get around like the Danes
… want to experience the city in a suitable tempo
… care about the environment
… or …
The city bikes will be released from one of the 56 city bike parking racks by depositing a 20-kroner coin, which will be returned when the bike is returned by the same principle as the shopping carts of the super markets.

Find a bike near you and unlock with your phone. 

Remember to use a helmet and bicycle lights

Users of the city bikes must be sure to bring bicycle helmets and bicycle lamp to be used when the street lights turn on. It is recommended to use a lamp which is fastened by clip or elastic band as the city bike is not equipped with a lamp holder. 
The bikes can be picked up from the 56 special bike stands which are marked with the city bike arrangement’s logo and must be returned to another bike stand after use.

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8000 Aarhus C


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