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Randers Gloves

RHANDERS is most commonly known as Randers Gloves and was established in 1811 and is considered to be one of the worlds oldest glovefactories. With its headquarters, factory and store located in Randers, Randers Gloves is a cultural peral for the city.

Gloves have been sown in Randers since the 1200's and in the 1700's Randers Gloves became a wellknown brand, with exports to all of Europe. In the beginning Randers Gloves was known for the special scent and softness of the gloves. The softness has remained in the gloves, which are made of leather from lamb, deer, and wild boar amongs other skin types.

It’s said that the French queen Marie Antoinette slept wearing Randers Handsker gloves, because they smelled so nice. Quality does not go unnoticed and Randers Gloves has had the previledge of supplying the Royal Family of Denmark with gloves. Randers Gloves have been worn by amongst others, Crownprincess Mary, Queen Ingrid, Crownprince Frederik, and Queen Magrethe.

Besides the Royal family of Denmark, Randers Gloves has also been worn by danish and international celebrities. Including Marguerite Viby and Lily Weiding. Miles Davis left the shopping to his driver, while he browsed the store in Copenhagen whilst humming some of his songs.  

Randers Gloves has a store at Strøget in Copenhagen as well as in Brødregade in Randers.