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Pindstrup Centret, venue

The Pindstrup training and development centre offers the perfect intimate setting for your training course. Here, there is room for contemplation, in the heart of the beautiful natural surroundings in Djursland.

Flexible conference rooms and great facilities 

The Pindstrup Centret has both large conference rooms and several smaller rooms for group sessions, as well as accommodation options.

The conference rooms can be set up flexibly and as required, and as a minimum they have a whiteboard, flip-over, and OHP. The Pindstrup Centret also has additional rooms at its disposal which may be used for group sessions, and the conference centre offers free wi-fi throughout the complex.

Lots of activities

In addition to that you have at your disposal the conference centre's 20 acres of countryside for Walk-and-Talks, etc. etc. and perhaps for rounding off the day by getting coffees served at the shelter site, or for some relaxing fun with your colleagues playing bumball or competing in an adult-sized moon-car relay race.

You may also book the Pindstrup Centret's chefs for kitchen team-building – skin a fish for the starter, and kill a hen for the main course.


The conference centre also offers accommodation with 42 single rooms, each with the possibility of extra beds. And the large rooms each hold up to 4 sleeping guests. Pindstrup Centret has a total of 102 beds.

Supporting a good cause

In addition to being a conference and development centre, the Pindstrup Centret is also a trade fund where all profits from the course activities are used for family activities for families with disabled children. More information on the website www.familienet.dk (in Danish only)

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