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Mystery hunt in Aarhus with HVeM

Join HV?M for an intense mystery hunt in Aarhus’ old alleys and backyards. You can choose between two different missions that will take you through the streets of Aarhus.

Bring your family or your friends on an exciting History Hunt around the centre of Aarhus. Along the way, you will get involved in the dramatic hunt for either a quisling or a dangerous mass murderer.
You can choose between two different missions that will take you through the streets of Aarhus, its narrow streets, and backyards. History Hunt will bring you close to history, and you will need your sense of logic, your creativity, and your ability to work together in order to solve mysteries and overcome challenges.

Aarhus is Burning!

Join the hunt for the most dreaded mass murderer in Danish criminal history, known as "Perletand". Perletand already managed to sabotage the hunt by setting off several bombs around Aarhus, and you are now the only ones who can stop him! Locate his biggest bomb to date and catch him before he can do any more harm. Your only clues are cryptic messages from the Resistance in Aarhus. Do you have what it takes to stop Perletand in time?


Hunt down the quisling who blew up the quarters of the communist resistance cell in Aarhus and inform on them to the Germans. Now, your job is to stop the traitor before anything else happens.

Together, you have to solve a number of knotty riddles that will lead you around Aarhus on the hunt for traces of the informant.

Practical Information

The mystery hunts do not include any electronic devices, and to get the necessary materials, you have to go to the cafe at the Øst for Paradis cinema.
Both street hunts are designed for 2-6 mystery hunters from the age of 10 years and up. The duration of each hunt is app. two hours.

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