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The Park (The Park of the Gudenå River) is a 28 acres large natural area by the Gudenå river less than 1 kilometre from Randers city centre. Originally, the area was a part of the Gudenå river delta that formerly filled the entire Gudenådal valley with side reaches, channels and moist areas.

Gudenåparken is not dammed which means that the Gudenå river floods the area on a regular basis. This provides growth conditions for a moisture requiring vegetation that you do not find in dry and dammed areas. If you take the narrow nature trails, you can almost disappear in the dense, vegetation which is tall enough to hide a man, and you get the experience of being in a jungle-like nature. The widely laid-out paths of the Gudenåpark are perfect for long walks, runs and rides.

Gudenåparken is open day and night. 

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