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Company Outing Skandinavisk Dyrepark

Animals having a wild time!
In the middle of Djursland is Denmark’s most natural wildlife park, where there is lots of room for both animals and people. The animals always come first and, as a guest, you get an exceptional opportunity to get close to the animals from long footbridges that wind in and out of the beautiful Danish countryside.
In the Polar Bear Parks, you meet Denmark’s largest group of polar bears.
The happy bears have lots of open space to romp around in, and they love to dive head first into their gigantic lake. You must give yourself plenty time in the Bear Park, where the frolicsome brown bears are busy gambolling around, bathing and playing. The new North European pack of wolves has adapted well in the Wolf Park, and all of the large predators can be seen up close at feeding time.
Be enthralled by the majestic Steller’s sea eagles during the daily eagle shows. Experience the swishing of their enormous wingspans, and enjoy the sight of the eagles when they snag fish in the lake or fly from treetop to treetop. On the tour around the park, you also meet the other animals there, and you can make many fun discoveries in the animal world.

Experiences for all ages. In the Polar Bear Parks, you can see Europe’s largest group of polarbears. The playful brown bears are busy romping around in the huge Brown Bear Park and our authentic European wolf pack can be seen from the boardwalk in the Wolf Park. Se all of the large predators up close during the feedings and listen to the guides’ thrilling narratives every day all season long – you won’t get any closer than this. 

Meet all of the other animals when you go exploring in their world. In the activity centre, you will find both a 100% genuine mammoth skeleton and lots of skulls, skins and antlers. Do not miss the opportunity to feed the cheeky fallow deer and do not forget to pay the gigantic and highly-praised playground a visit.

Don’t miss the opportunity to feed the bold fallow deer or the hungry pet goats. Spend lots of time in the huge and highly-praised playground, which has a climbing mountain, an obstacle course, bouncy cushions and aerial ropeways. Visit Loghouse Café, grill your food in the grill hut or enjoy the food you bring along in the big picnic areas with a view over the playground – relaxation and fun for all!

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