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Black route 12.8 km - Kloeverstierne Grenaa

Keep your tongue straight in the mouth when crossing the many bridges and ditches.

Mountain bike in the plantation - 12,8 km

The black route starts as a bike ride through the streets of the city, but after about 5 minutes drive on the road, you hit the special mountain bike track at Grenaa Sports Center. The Clover Trail is then a 9.5 km long and challenging singletrack in the beautiful nature of Grenaa Plantation. A singletrack is a narrow track that is laid directly on the forest floor. The track is uneven and very twisted. 20 bridges/crossings must be passed which are of varying difficulty. Arrows indicate the severity:

Chicken run - very easy
1 arrow - light
2 arrows - difficult
3 arrows - very difficult (only for experienced)

Grenaa Plantation invites you to stop along the way and eat lunch, drink some coffee and enjoy the tranquility, the smells, the lake in the forest and the heath where sheep graze.

The mountain bike trail is established by the Grenaa Cycling Club and Norddjurs Municipality. If you have the courage on a longer route, Kløverstien has an additional 13 km of mountain bike trails and even more challenging

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