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Alice Cooper Concert in Musikhuset Aarhus

Experience the American rock legend Alice Cooper as he performs a concert this summer in the Large Hall of Musikhuset with his hard-hitting band and a grandiose show. The 75-year-old rock and heavy metal legend is coming to Aarhus with new music and all his greatest hits.

Alice Cooper, known as The Godfather of Shock Rock, has been a part of the rock scene for over 50 years. The preacher's son, Vincent Furnier, made his debut under his alter ego, Alice Cooper, with the album "Pretties for You" in 1969. He achieved widespread recognition in 1971 with the album "Love It to Death," which opened up a world of nightmares, blood, and serial killers.

Alice Cooper's latest album, "Road," was released in August this year. "Road" is Alice Cooper's 29th studio album and a tribute to the life of touring, with all that it entails in terms of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll.

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