Aarhus together

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Aarhus in 1 day

Aarhus in 1 day

In Aarhus you are able to reach the greatest attractions and activities within walking distance.? This means that you can easily get around to several of the city's offers even though you are only staying in Aarhus for a short while. Aarhus offers recognised museums, interesting buildings and churches, award winnign shopping and an amazing location close to nature and forest.

Top attractions in Aarhus

TOP must sees and do in Aarhus

Wondering what to do in Aarhus? Here are some of the absolute best attractions in Aarhus. Top Five attractions in the second biggest city in Denmark is ...

Craft, Gallery and Design

Visit the city's galleries, see the working crafts workers and find unique design items. In Aarhus you will meet plenty of exciting and innovative art which you can even bring back home!