Gellerup Museum

Step inside Aage and Toves living room from 1974, and settle down with a cup of coffee on the sofa. Sit down on the wooden beer-crate, play the guitar and chill in the student co-housing area, or smell the cultural diversity in the authentic kitchen.

Gellerup Museum

Gellerup Museum is a unique experience, as it is located in an apartment in Gellerupparken. The location gives the museum a special authenticity, as it is surrounded with the regular people inhabiting the building.

The museum offers a unique view of life behind the walls, and what it is like to live in one of the biggest social housing projects in Denmark. It’s a chance to dive into not only the area’s history, but also its future, as the Gellerup master plan (Helhedsplanen) is unfolding right below the balcony.

Gellerup Museum is established on 6th floor in a 5-room apartment. From the balconies there are spectacular views; on one side there is a panorama view of Aarhus and the bay area; on the other all of Gellerupparken is visible.

You can get a sense of the rich history by watching the documentary of Gellerup’s early years, and get an overview perspective with the Timeline – from the first visions to the present. The area is now undergoing one of the largest urban renewal projects in Denmark’s history – the masterplan for Gellerup and Toveshoej.

From cradle to grave

Gellerupparken was completed in 1972. The main architect, Knud Blach Petersen, was greatly inspired by the swiss-french architect Le Corbusier – one of the pioneers in modern architecture – as can be seen in choice of building materials, bright apartments and the great outdoor areas between the buildings. The architectural focus was on functionalistic ideals.

As many social housing projects in Denmark in the 1960’s and 1970’s, the vision for Gellerup was an area where you could live “from cradle to grave”. Wealthy men and women of the welfare state could now do their grocery shopping, play with the kids in the green parks, get to school, get to work– and eventually end up in the local nursing home. All within walking distance from their luxury apartment.

In a matter of years the original visions and ideas for the area were challenged by change of politics and economic crisis.

Prices and opening hours

The museum can be opened for groups outside regular opening hours – price 500 dkk.

You can also get a guided tour of Gellerup with local residents as guides. Order a tour (max. 25 persons) – price 500 dkk.

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