Gastronomic delights in Aarhus

Experience true gastronomic delights in Aarhus, distinguished by the use of excellent fresh products. Newlycaught fish landed at the harbour, local delicacies, vegetables from the island of Samsø, and fresh produce from neighbouring Djursland, in combination with the creativity of local gourmet chefs, make the food and drink in Aarhus an experience of pure indulgence.

Taste Aarhus

Italian, Greek, American, Danish, Thai, French or Agentine – Aarhus has it all!

Enjoy a dinner for two, with the family or together with your friends in restaurants or cozy cafés. Experience true gastronomic delights, distinguished by the use of excellent fresh products such as newly-caught fisch landed at the harbour and much more. 

Fresh ingredients - a vibrant environment and the best chefs in Denmark. What more can you ask for?

Walk the picturesque pavements; enjoy a cappucino in the sun; get that feeling of being in a part of town where anything might happen.