ARoS Junior

You can have fun, play and learn at ARoS. ARoS Junior is exactly right for you if you enjoy doing creative things, wielding paint brushes, cutting and pasting, and dressing up. Learning through play is what ARoS Junior is all about. So if you are curious at heart and hungry to learn, and you feel like learning new things about art in a fun and untraditional way, ARoS Junior is just right for you.

The Juniors' Workshop

In the Juniors' Workshop you can have fun with lots of varying themes. When you visit ARoS Junior, themes are always based on the current festival of the year, a special exhibition at ARoS, or the museum's permanent art collection.
The workshop is open every Saturday and Sunday from 11.00-16.00 and costs only 25 DKK per child.  

ARoS Junior for the whole family

It's an opportunity for your whole family to explore together the techniques and means of expression of art through small, creative assignments which the workshop staff will give you. Social and creative aspects are at the forefront in ARoS Junior and the Juniors' Workshop, which are not intended as a child minding function. All activities undertaken in the gallery and workshop are at your own risk 

ARoS Family Kit

With an ARoS Family Kit you and your family can get inspiration to get closer to art and together discover new sides of art. This kit has creative challenges for you to solve together in the workshop. The ARoS Family Kit can be borrowed from the Information desk in ARoS.

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