World-class gastronomy in Aarhus

Gastronomy in Aarhus is of the highest order, and our creative gourmet chefs are second to none. With three Michelin restaurants in this modestly-sized city, Aarhus certainly has ample backing for its claim to offer world-class gastronomy.

Guide Michelin stars in Aarhus

Guide Michelin stars in Aarhus

Aarhus is the gastronomic capital of Jutland. In Guide - Michelin Nordic Guide 2016, three Aarhus restaurants have once again been awarded a Michelin star. The menus at the three Michelin restaurants in Aarhus – Frederikshøj, Gastromé, and Substans – include both the new Nordic Cuisine and French cuisine, and they distinguish themselves by being classic, modern, and experimental all at the same time.

Bib Gourmand
Since 1955, Guide Michelin has also highlighted restaurants offering 'exceptionally good food at moderate prices', a feature now called Bib Gourmand. In Michelin Nordic Guide 2016, two Aarhus restaurants received this award – restaurant Hærværk and restaurant Pondus.

Other ratings
A total of 16 restaurants and 9 hotels in Aarhus receive mention in the Guide Michelin 2016. In addition to stars and Bib Gourmand, distinctions such as Magnificent view and A particularly interesting wine list have been awarded, and of course comfort ratings in the shape of forks and spoons as well as pavilions.

Nordic cuisine
Nordic cuisine in Aarhus is particularly defined by the use of local, fresh and delicious produce. On the menu you can find freshly-caught fish from the bay, scrumptious delicacies from the local area, vegetables from the island of Samsø, and fresh produce from nearby Djursland.

Gastronomic grill bars...
The 'Latin Quarter' and Mejlgade precinct is known especially for its hip urban environment and, of course, for the area's sustainable green initiatives. Here new restaurants and take-aways also regularly shoot up. And here you can find a modern luxury version of the traditional Danish grill bar where the hot dogs are prepared as gourmet food, the chips are hand-cut, and the mayonnaise is home-made. The atmosphere is informal, and prices are most reasonable.

...and charming coffee bars
Aarhus is also well-known for its shops with specialty products, fresh-baked bread from organic bakers, new Nordic open sandwiches, café burgers by the river, and charming coffee bars. Numerous coffee bars have emerged in the city, and most of the cafés generally offer a richly varied selection of coffees. In the Vestergade precinct there are several charming cafés serving an excellent cup of coffee, and the same certainly goes for the Frederiksbjerg area and along the Aarhus river. The local citizens do appreciate their coffee!

A truly unique Aarhus atmosphere
But what makes for a truly unique restaurant and café scene in Aarhus is a vibrant, informal, and charming atmosphere that you won't anywhere else.

Aarhus i Michelin Nordic Guide 2016

Guide Michelin stars awarded to Aarhus

Once again Michelin stars have been awarded in Aarhus ...

Attractions in Aarhus

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