Pentecost in Aarhus

Pentecost in Aarhus

The many bank holidays during the Pentecost and spring welcomes plenty of activities, experiences and fun for the entire family. You can meet gladiators, enjoy art and speed – plus you can get both large and wide concert experiences.

Red Serpent at Moesgaard Museum

Red Serpent at Moesgaard Museum

Red Serpent is one of the greatest Viking heroes ever depicted and heads out on an eventful adventure, that takes him on Viking raids through Europe and the Middle East, until his journey ends at Harald Bluetooth's castle in the Danish town, Jelling, in one final battle.

Wonderful days in the Old Town ...

Den Gamle By - The Old Town Museum

At the Old Town in Aarhus you are once again invited to a broad set of activities. You can walk through the streets and alleys with historic buildings from our great grandparents time up till the modern 70s where co-housing, the modern kinder garden and the iconic Volkswagen van.

At Simonsens’ Garden you can enjoy the sun, a cup of coffee and the baker’s delicious pastries. You can also drop by the pastry shop Café Bonnic and enjoy the atmosphere from a bygone time, order goose breast, medallions, Napoleon cakes and much more – all of it can be enjoyed in the Old Town or at the coffee table back home.

Aarhus Fortæller - Aarhus Stories

Aarhus Fortæller - Aarhus Stories

Dive into the exciting history of Aarhus and learn more about the why the buildings, streets, harbour and so on is build the way it is in the exciting new exhibition "Aarhus Stories".

During the Pentecost in the Old Town you can meet people from the old times who cooks, chops wood, makes craft work or sells you goods when you shop in the old shops and stores.

Concert with Sanne Salomonsen

Concert with Sanne Salomonsen

During the pentecost you can go to a "Fed Fredag" concert and listen to the rockmama Sanne Salomonsen. 

ARoS and Your rainbow panorama

Your rainbow panorama ARoS

There is something for everyone at ARoS. Here you can experience interesting exhibitions and also the unique views of Aarhus from the colorful glass at Your Rainbow Panorama.

Flea markets for everyone

Flea markets for everyone in Aarhus

Find yourself at the charming markets in Aarhus and make a bargain as you can find many hidden gems at attractive prices. You can find clothes, games, books, interior, vintage, food and much more.

Enjoy the sun and beautiful nature in Aarhus during Pentecost

Enjoy the sun and beautiful nature in Aarhus during Pentecost

Flowers burst to life during Pentecost and the nature is filled with colours and scents, experiences and activities that are completely irresistible. The nature surrouding Aarhus is a unique characteristic where experiences from the city and the beautiful nature are easily combined. 

Restaurants, Cafés, Shops and Unique Atmospheres around the City

Restaurant Frederikshøj

A wonderful dinner for two – a romantic, cosy atmosphere and the savour of a gourmet experience? The gastronomical standards in Aarhus are high, and this year, all of three restaurants have been awarded a star in Guide Michelin, and a total of 16 restaurants in Aarhus received mention in the prestigious guide. 

You can also visit one of the many cafés in town, where outdoor serving is a characteristic sight, particularly along the canal, and where there is a vibrant atmosphere. Take a break over a nice glass of wine or a great cup of coffee and feel the city around you. Or you might want to retreat to the charming and unique Latin Quarter, which to many represents the true Aarhus atmosphere. The hours race by in this part of the city, and you may very well find that a comfy couch in a quiet café suddenly turns out to be one of your favourite memories from a fantastic Pentecost getaway. 

Aarhus in the Evening ― Night Life and Cosy Moments

Musikhuset Aarhus - Concert Hall Aarhus

When the daylight softens and the night falls on Aarhus, the music and the city’s many performance venues come to life. Music performances and a wide repertoire of theatre plays make Aarhus stand out from most other Danish cities, and it is up to you whether you go for the big shows and international stars in Concert Hall Aarhus or in the city’s nightclubs, bars and pubs, or whether you would rather explore the small venues and find your personal favourites. The possibilities are endless, and you just have to dive into what the city has to offer.

A Good Night’s Sleep

A Good Night’s Sleep

Book the accommodation that suits your exact wishes in advance. In Aarhus, you will find accommodation that is just perfect for your needs. 

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