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Aarhus is a dynamic city with a vibrant pulse, and here you will see the past come alive. In Aarhus you will find a wide selection of exciting experiences within culture, events, shopping, sports, and so much more. The multiplicity of the city is one of the reasons why Aarhus is awarded two stars in the acclaimed and renowned Michelin Travel Guide. 

All of three Michelin stars once again in 2016 put Aarhus in the prestigious company of the world’s gastronomic elite. 2015 was the first year in which the Guide Michelin Nordic Cities awarded Michelin stars to restaurants in a Danish city outside Copenhagen. The guide also awards stars to exceptional attractions, churches and hotels – and Aarhus has its impressive share of stars in those categories as well.

Aarhus Attractions in the Michelin Travel Guide

Den Gamle By has 3 stars in the Michelin Guide

Den Gamle By -The Old Town is awarded all of three stars in the guide, which refers to the popular attraction as one of Denmark’s most beautiful open-air museums. The ARoS Art Museum receives two stars in the guide and is particularly recognized for the museum’s exceptional architectural structure as well as for its art collections.The Moesgaard Museum is awarded two stars as well for its unique focus on and illustration of Danish history.

Two of Aarhus’ beautiful churches have been awarded stars in the Michelin Travel Guide as well. The Aarhus Cathedral receives two stars in the guide and is highly praised for its appealing proportions and stoic elegance. Church of Our Lady has been rewarded one star. Furthermore, the Michelin Travel Guide points out a large number of the city’s other attractions as well worth a visit, such as the Women’s Museum, the Steno Museum, the Viking Museum, Town Hall and Concert Hall Aarhus. The Latin Quarter and the Botanical Gardens are recommended to the guide’s readers as well.

Aarhus Restaurants in the Michelin Guide – Nordic Cities

3 restaurants in Aarhus has been awarded Michelin stars

2016 restaurants in Aarhus once again can celebrate being in the famous Michelin Guide – Nordic Cites, in which all of three of the city’s restaurants received a star. In addition, two restaurants were honoured by being awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand, not to mention the long list of restaurants in Aarhus that were mentioned as being well worth a visit.

Hotels in the Michelin Guide
Also several hotels in Aarhus receive mention in the guide and thereby contribute to making Aarhus a star-studded experience.

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World Class Gastronomy

And the gastronomic standards in Aarhus are high. In 2016 Michelin stars once again have been awarded in Aarhus.

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Aarhus – an International Metropolis

Aarhus is a dynamic, international metropolis with everything located within walking distance. Here you will find a unique combination of modern metropolis and nature, knowledge, educational institutions, and an attractive corporate environment.

An international modern city

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