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Restaurants in Aarhus

Aarhus often goes by the name of ‘The city of cafés’, and indeed you will not find many other cities with this many cafés. However, this does not mean that it is the only type of eating place present here. On the contrary: in Aarhus the whole ‘food-palette’ is present, and there are eating places in all shades, not least restaurants that serve the coolest food at the moment in Denmark – traditional open-faced sandwiches ‘smørrebrød’.

If you have been shopping all day and are getting hungry, Aarhus has lots to offer. Here you will find cafés and restaurants offering anything from Italian, Greek, and Spanish, to American, Thai, Indonesian, Argentinian, etc. etc. food.

And it is not without a reason that Aarhus goes by the name of ‘The city of cafés’: the city is studded with cafés, and at the ‘Vadestedet’ by the river they are lying side by side, so whatever you are in the mood for – a light meal or a latte and a cookie with your friends – the options are plentiful.

Traditional Danish 'smørrebrød'
There is nothing new about the fact that tapas and sushi is popular, and with restaurants such as Forlæns og Baglæns and Sushi +, Aarhus is right up there with this trend. The newest and coolest of foods, however, is something as exotic as the good old-fashioned Danish dish ‘smørrebrød’ open-faced sandwiches! Also within this field, Aarhus keeps up with the trend. So if you feel like trying good, traditional Danish ‘smørrebrød’, it will definitely be worth your while dropping in at the Raadhuus Kaféen.

First class gastronomy
If you are into first class gastronomy, Aarhus certainly has plenty to offer. The characteristics of gastronomy in Aarhus are high quality, culinary creativity on the part of the chefs, along with freshly caught fish, local delicacies, and produce from the island of Samsø and from Djursland: ‘the vegetable garden of Aarhus’.

In Aarhus there are eating places of all shades, so now your only problem is to find out what you are in the mood for.

Restaurants in Aarhus

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