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When you visit Aarhus you can find tourist information and inspiration many places throughout the city.

Below you can find a list with information about where you can get online tourist information and a Minuguide when you visit Aarhus. On the touch-screens you can find information about accommodation, attractions, events, transport and much more.

Access tourist information where you are. Whether at your hotel, camping sites, city attractions, etc. Using a touch screen you can search for information about and inspiration for attractions, events, shopping opportunities, restaurants, accommodation, transport, and much more.

Active Window
Via an Active Window Tourist Screen, located behind a window at various locations in the city, you now have online access to tourist information and inspiration for your visit in Aarhus. The screen is operated, through the glass, using motion sensors. Here you can search for information about attractions, events, shopping opportunities, restaurants, transport, accommodation, and much more.

Online tourist information can be found more than 30 places in and around Aarhus

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Download the VisitAarhus App to everything you need to know before and during your visit to Aarhus.

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