Practical Information

Leave only your footprints behind

Everyone has the right to enjoy Denmark’s nature. It is important that wild plants and animals are respected, as you would respect the land and property of farmers and private landowners. Make sure you follow signs and directions and most importantly, don’t leave anything but footprints behind.

Prohibited areas

In some natural areas, public access is prohibited, such as military zones, nature sanctuaries and hunting areas.

Access to private forests

Two out of three forests in Denmark are privately owned. In these areas, you must keep to forest trails and roads and only use the forest between 6am and sundown. In public forests, access is not limited to trails or times.

Further reading

You can read more about rules and guidelines on enjoying Denmark’s natural areas at the Danish Nature Agency’s website.

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I Påsken byder Aarhus igen på masser af dejlige oplevelser for hele familien. Mal dit eget påskeæg, gå en tur i parken mellem alle påskeliljerne, tag en tur rundt i regenbuen og nyd forårets komme gennem de mange pragtfulle farver. Mulighederne er mange.